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Quick and Dirty Way to be a Fake Guru

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Write to the Ocean

还记得那个黄昏,在海南,在三亚热带气候的风里,我坐在沙滩上,独自面对着一个海。夕阳从椰子树的罅隙里一点一点的褪去,然后轻吻着绵长的沙滩,然后饮尽最后一杯璀璨,不舍的离去,离去,天地间只剩一个我,一个海,一层层的浪走过来,试探着向我诉说整个冬天的故事,当它说到瑰丽的结局的时候,我的心里充满了怅惘,仿佛我也是其中的一个角色,一滴海水,一颗晶莹的贝,它们说,来吧,这个冬天多么的温情似水!而我的怀抱又是多么的甜蜜温馨!夜色悄然来临,我跟海笼罩着同样的情愫,我奢侈的独自拥有着一个海,那一刻我多么幸福!远处的灯塔暧昧的眨着眼睛,它说,心最终要有一个停泊的去处。不堪栖止的水啊,我坐着,坐着,坐成了海的姿势。我知道,海,明天必定是霞光四射,玉影琳彬,而我只要今夜的缠绵,今夜的倾诉,心灵跟心灵的倾诉。。 Help spread the word!

Ctrl Alt Delete

This book is a bit dated because Ctrl Alt Delete is probably not the typical keystroke combination that people would use to reboot their devices these days. It shows in the examples used. Take for instance Kickstarter, which has turned out to be a double-edged sword. Outdated are also Klout (a service that was shut… Read More »