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Understanding Imperial China

I listened to the audio version of this course and it was a bit hard to follow at times because the narrator’s pronunciation of certain Chinese names is way off (I don’t blame him) and I had to guess who he is referring to, based on my prior understanding of Chinese history. Every subsequent occurrence… Read More »

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

I have not read Thomas Ligotti’s horror stories. Maybe I should. While I cannot determine if his flair for horror writing translates well to his philosophical musings, the dark pessimism that permeates this book is so strong that it will leave casual readers feeling depressed long after they have finished reading it. Help spread the… Read More »

Autopilot: The Art & Science of Doing Nothing

A lot of scientific and historical facts are explained in this book, which makes it a bit boring to read, a fact not helped by the extremely dry writing style. My brain went autopilot and skipped many paragraphs. There’s nothing smart about how the author tries to stitch together too many concepts and topics in… Read More »

Milk the Pigeon

The writing style and chapter format are typical of books in this genre, like the liberal use of crude language in a vain attempt to sound “brutally honest” instead of relying on genuine insights to do so. Assumptions, generalisations, stereotyping, and sweeping statements are also liberally sprinkled throughout the book. The tone is presumptuous and… Read More »

How to Die: An Ancient Guide to the End of Life

Only when you know how to die will you understand how to live.  Too bad I can’t understand the original Latin texts included in this book, but I would imagine it to be as enlightening as the English translation (or should it be the other way round?).  Help spread the word!


如果你是那种看历史书就想睡觉的人,不妨拿这本书瞅一眼。虽然写法不伦不类(好比让周星驰重新编出来的“红楼梦”),但娱乐性高,容易读。只是部分内容有说教的嫌疑,加上说教的部分有时前后矛盾,所描述的历史事件在时间线上也不对办。若想认真对待这本书,则难免有点失望。 Help spread the word!