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Star Trek Discovery: The Way to the Stars

I struggled to like this novel, but it reads too much like a young adult fan fiction. If you like Tiger Mom meets Harry Potter-esque boarding school drama, then this may be your cup of tea. For me, it’s a bummer, lacking the depth, humour and imagination characteristic of Star Trek novels. If I’d wanted… Read More »

Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s probably not a good idea to watch the movie first before reading this book. It removes the anticipation and suspense. Another side effect is that you will find it hard to get rid of the image of Doctor Strange whenever John Harrison/Khan appears in the storyline. If anyone wants to take a brief course… Read More »

Star Trek Seekers: All That’s Left

The story here reads like a prelude to our future coexistence with artificial intelligence (or even our current existence if you put it in a religious context). The relationship between Lrondi and Pelopan should give pause to anyone concerned with the exercise of free will, especially if you happen to fall into the camp of… Read More »

Star Trek Seekers: Long Shot

The Sagittarius went from one messed up world (Arethusa) to another (Anura). What are the odds of that? David Mack has a knack of building his story gradually to a fast-paced, action-packed conclusion. The plot lines in this book is like a compilation of Murphy’s law. There’s a bit on casino operations but compared to… Read More »

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done

Never mind the long-winded intro. Perfectionism took a bad, and unfair, rap in this book when the author oversinplifies the reason why people fail to finish what they started. In trying to pin everything on perfectionism as the main cause, the author makes assumptions and generalisations that undermine otherwise valid arguments. The research data, based… Read More »

What Would Apple Do?

The author makes a compelling argument that the younger generation of ‘digital natives’, who have grown up with new media, often do not really understand what they’re doing on the Internet and use, for example, Facebook without any idea of what happens to all their data. Other than that, this book offers no new insights… Read More »

Star Trek Seekers: Point of Divergence

The Tomol saga picked up the pacing in this book, although the authors (not David Mack who wrote the first book) deemed fit to recount the backstory on several occasions, apparently for the benefit of those who read Book 2 in isolation. This interrupted the natural flow of the story at times. There were also… Read More »

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Long Mirage

Halfway through the book and I was still wondering what’s the point of it all. Yes, it’s that bad. Not helping is the fact that part of the story is set in a place called Las Vegas (duh!) and there were too many references to casinos and related activities. Exciting read probably for those who’ve… Read More »

Bad English: A History of Linguistic Aggravation

A book that should be a mandatory read for grammar police, not because it will serve as a bible for their war on error, but because it will be so frustrating for them to agree with. Take for example the word “decimate”. This is used improperly to refer to “destroying something or a large portion… Read More »