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不知道这世界上是否还有第二种语言能像汉语这样,产生出如此极具美感的文字来。当我们不假思索地跟随者众人疯狂地学习英语、韩语、日语…的时候,是否能偶尔停下脚步,回过头来欣赏一下我们自己的文化呢?是否能偶尔静下心来品味一下汉语带给我们的不一样的感动? 原文You say that you love rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains… You say that you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines… You say that you love the wind, But you close your windows when wind blows… This is why I am afraid; You say… Read More »


I did a tear-down of an old, non-functional laptop and retrieved these parts. My son saw what I was doing and was curious to watch but my wife told him to study for his PSLE. Way to kill curiosity! Help spread the word!

Money Saving Hack: CNY goodies

Here’s a simple hack that will save you a couple of dollars here and there, even if you only do it once a year. During the Chinese New Year festive period, retailers have a habit of jacking up prices of everything because (and here’s where you hear the common refrain) “一年一次啦!”. So poor consumers cave… Read More »

Bigger is better?

Many proponents of bigger displays say bigger is better and anyone who feels otherwise is in denial that Apple is falling behind its competition. By that logic, a 5-inch screen would be better, and 6-inch better still. The fact is, with the current screen size on iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, your thumb can comfortably… Read More »

Competing in the buff

Recently, a friend of mine wondered why there’s no men’s synchronised swimming in the London Olympics. I’d like to push the envelope further by suggesting that Olympians resume the grand old tradition and compete in the buff in future games. No, it’s not that I want the Olympics to be turned into a cross breed… Read More »

Wrong on the 8 July

Received this mailer from IKEA yesterday and it seems that someone at the furniture retailer either couldn’t get the dates correct or was looking at the wrong month on the calendar.   The mailer mentioned a one-day offer on 8 July (Thursday). Problem is, 8 July is not on Thursday, but on Sunday. To make… Read More »

Some things I have given up

Jaywalking Because you can’t beat the Ferrari Train service Anytime someone tries to juxtapose “train” and “service” in the same sentence, I’m gonna beat the shit out of him/her. Reading the Straits Times Because the crap printed on those pages insults the trees that died in vain Real social interaction Because everyone prefers to talk… Read More »