Making Websites Win

The front part of Making Websites Win explains the concept and definition of Conversion Rate Optimization (mostly centered around A/B testing) before it delves into the different tools and techniques that you can use to diagnose and improve your website. Well organised with clear, actionable ideas, the book has an interesting section on good copywriting… Read More »


不知道这世界上是否还有第二种语言能像汉语这样,产生出如此极具美感的文字来。当我们不假思索地跟随者众人疯狂地学习英语、韩语、日语…的时候,是否能偶尔停下脚步,回过头来欣赏一下我们自己的文化呢?是否能偶尔静下心来品味一下汉语带给我们的不一样的感动? 原文You say that you love rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains… You say that you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines… You say that you love the wind, But you close your windows when wind blows… This is why I am afraid; You say… Read More »

The Lazy Intellectual

The Lazy Intellectual reminds me of the Bluffer’s Guides series which focuses on individual subject matter, but with a humorous twist. For this book, the attempt to cover so many subject matters resulted in scratching the surface of more than a few. Some parts are repetitive because the subject matters are related, just like the… Read More »

Tahitian Pearls

Although they are commonly called black pearls, Tahitian pearls offer a wide range of colours. In their natural state, they show a palette of infinite, unique shades ranging from cherry, cream, peacock, green, blue, grey to white. Tahitian pearls come in a great number of shapes, usually divided into five categories: round/semi-round, oval/button, drop, circled,… Read More »

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

There’s so much “fake it till you make it” vibe in this book that the cup truly runneth over. And chapter 11 took it to a new level of BS with what the author called Higher Self, which “is capable of a high degree of sensitivity and attunement to a harmonious flow within the universe.”… Read More »

The House of a Million Stories

These are my recent haul from BookXcess in Penang. It’s a two-storey book lover paradise in Gurney Paragon. I wasn’t expecting to be buying books on this trip (came for the food) so I was totally unprepared (no $$$, no luggage space). Probably have to come here again sometime in the future. If you’re the… Read More »