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Microsoft: No more Money

Hey, that would make a pretty attention-grabbing headline, right? But the truth is, Microsoft is just pulling the plug on Money. The software package will not be available any longer after 30 June. All purchases must be activated before 31 January 2011, by which time Microsoft will withdraw software support for online banking and bill… Read More »

Would you wipe someone’s ass for £5?

Apparently, Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary would do anything in his quest to squeeze out every bit of profits for his budget airline. The Guardian recently quoted O’Leary defending his commitment to reduce the number of toilets on the carrier’s planes and charge passengers to use them: Asked if he would be interested in charging £5… Read More »

Sympathy? What sympathy?

Wall Street apologist Geoff Colvin has done it again. In his recent Value Driven article (“Sympathy for the Devils“, FORTUNE, May 25), Colvin argued that Wall Street shouldn’t be punished [for the excesses] because “restoring profitability to the banks will require paying bonuses”. He further tried to lay blame for the public outrage on a… Read More »

Home, sweet home

If you’ve ever felt homesick while on the road, you may appreciate the idea of “Home from Home“, a travel kit designed to help ease the pain of being away on business. The kit, offered by Laterooms.com, includes such comforts as: A bespoke scent, made by a company called Dale Air, that smells exactly like… Read More »

Colvin’s rant against government intervention

I’m beginning to tire of Geoff Colvin’s anti-government stance in his regular Value Driven column in FORTUNE magazine. In a recent piece (“Will the Motor City Shakeup Work?“, April 27), Colvin argued that General Motors‘ fate has less to do with the new CEO Fritz Henderson than with the restructuring model the US government is… Read More »

Social networking on the fly

For those who are not contend with chalking up “friends” online, now you can boost your tally offline as well. A service called Satisfly aims to seat frequent flyers in an “intelligent” way by mining passenger data so that they end up sitting next to somebody with whom they have something in common – whether… Read More »

Terms of retrenchment

workforce optimisationstandard delayeringrestructuringre-engineeringresource rationalisationdownsizingvoluntary separation Why don’t companies call a spade a spade and just say that they are laying off people, rather than attach fancy labels to such exercises? Related posts:A new kind of retrenchmentHow the ax falls, Filipino-styleTop 10 buzzwords in 2009 Technorati Tags: retrenchment layoff fancy labels business management language Help spread… Read More »

Thanks, but no thanks

From “Low-priced Nano taps into Indians’ aspirations“, The Christian Science Monitor:That could be problematic for the company, which made some big-ticket purchases – including the troubled Jaguar and Land Rover brands – during the height of the economic boom. The company also failed to get many Nanos off the assembly line before launch, thanks to… Read More »