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Not “Going For the Win”, damn it! But going behind the Great Firewall of China was an equally damning experience for those who are used to the free and easy information superhighway of the Internet. Things were moving along quite nicely in the Philippines for me that at one stage I was thinking of getting… Read More »


More than 50 animal rights groups in China have urged the state broadcaster not to air a performance involving synchronised swimming by goldfish to celebrate the conclusion of the Lunar New Year festivities. How come human rights groups do not protest when the magic trick involves human beings, like sawing a woman in half? Help… Read More »

Got milk? No thanks!

If you want to avoid breast cancer, give up dairy products. That’s according to professor Jane Plant, author of Your Life in Your Hands, who battled the so-called “middle-class disease” and won. Professor Plant (quite an apt surname for someone who advocates a non-dairy diet) believes that the link between dairy produce and breast cancer… Read More »

Are you kidding me, Google?

Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean? No wonder Sino-Japanese relations are strained. There’s no easy way for them to reach each other. How this screen was captured: Go to Google Maps, get directions for “Japan” to “China” and scroll down to step 43. Related stuff:Mighty Google MapsGoogle reaching for the stars Technorati Tags: Google Map… Read More »

Accidental English

如果一個中國學生在美國目睹了一起交通事故,警察來了以後問你知不知道事情的經過,應該怎麼說?答: One car come, one car go, two car pengpeng, one car die. Related stuff:Learn English in five minutes Technorati Tags: 中國 學生 交通事故 警察 Chinglish China English Help spread the word!