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Croaking Crocs

I’ve worn my pair of Crocs for more than four years and they’re still in pretty good shape. Not bad for a piece of rubber, eh? It’s a good thing I haven’t run into these accidents… Related post: Dangerous Crocs Technorati Tags: Crocs rubber shoes escalator accident Help spread the word!

Touch me, baby!

This is probably every geek’s dream “gadget”. The Geekini, as it is called, is the brainchild of French designer John Nouanesing. The classic two-piece bikini features strategically placed A, B and directional buttons from the original Nintendo controller. The design is guaranteed to excite geeky male gamers. Not so sure about the advantage for female… Read More »

Here’s the SKHOOP

Even if you do not have Sarah Palin‘s wardrobe budget, the SKHOOP is within reach to keep you from cold-butt syndrome, especially if you are taking a peek at Russia from Alaska in the bitter cold. SKHOOP is an insulated skirt, stuffed with either synthetic fill or down, that zips on and off. It comes… Read More »