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The Essence of Chinese Herbs

The major difference between Chinese and English herbs is that, unlike their western counterparts, the former are not merely crude drugs but are often dried botanically. In some cases, they have been processed through several steps such as selection, cutting, peeling, scrubbing, leeching, roasting, and so on. Performed painstakingly by hand in a carefully prescribed… Read More »

Bread talk

There’s no Gardenia bread in Hong Kong and it’s a shame because the most common option here is Garden bread, which looks like the cheap variety in neighbourhood bakery in Singapore and tastes like it has taken three days to reach the supermarket. Related stuff: Know which side your bread is buttered Help spread the… Read More »

When will it really expire?

Who determines the appropriate expiry date (or “expiration date” in American English) of a product (particularly a food item)? Have you ever wondered if your can of Coke will remain bubbly for another year as indicated on the expiry date? Well, I have. And I tried to dig up some info on this topic: Nothing… Read More »

Got milk? No thanks!

If you want to avoid breast cancer, give up dairy products. That’s according to professor Jane Plant, author of Your Life in Your Hands, who battled the so-called “middle-class disease” and won. Professor Plant (quite an apt surname for someone who advocates a non-dairy diet) believes that the link between dairy produce and breast cancer… Read More »