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Serving secure and sterile food since 2023

Spotted on the menu of a Thai Chinese safe-food restaurant: You can trust our restaurant. All portions are delicious, nutritious, low in natural ingredients, and prepared in a secure state-of-the-art facility. Airtight premises under 24-hour armed guard. All employees tested weekly. Sources for all natural products have tested negative for Mad Carrot and related prion… Read More »


那倒未必。吃的道理很简单,桌子再大,酒菜再多,但一个人每餐能吃下肚的,也只有一个胃那么大的容量而已。 根据“满清十三朝宫闱秘史”:清德宗每食三膳,其馔有数十品,罗列满案。然离御座稍远之馔半已臭腐,盖连日以原馔供也;近御座之馔虽不臭腐,然大率久熟干冷,不能可口,皇上每食不能饱。有时欲命御膳房易一馔品,御膳房必奏明西太后,西太后辄以俭德责之,故皇上竟不敢言 Related post:四海困穷,则天禄永终 Technorati Tags: 皇帝 大鱼大肉 清德宗 御膳房 西太后 Help spread the word!

Service at McDonald’s?

I’m not kidding. I’m now in Shenzhen again and this afternoon I had lunch at McDonald’s and I ordered a set meal that comes with a choice of three flavouring powder for the fries. What was amazing is that the crew on the floor offered to mix the powder and the fries in the paper… Read More »

Why airline food tastes bland

No, it isn’t your imagination. Airline food really is quite tasteless. This is not because it actually is without taste but because your taste buds are dulled by high altitude and the cabin pressure, so food that probably would have been perfectly acceptable if it were eaten with your feet on the ground loses flavour… Read More »

More photos from Taipei trip

First off, photos of foodstuff at Danshui, a sea-side town in Taipei County. If you take the Taipei Rapid Transit System’s Danshui Line from Taipei Main Station, the journey is approximately 40 minutes (including a transfer at Beitou). Technorati Tags: Taipei Danshui foodstuff photos travel Help spread the word!