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Smartphone smartass

Before you indulge in knowledge one-upmanship on your iPhone or any other electronic gagdets, just remember that not everything on the Internet can be trusted and your mileage of truth will definitely vary. Technorati Tags: MSNBC iPhone apps knowledge turn-off Help spread the word!

:CueCat reborn

If Eric Schmidt is serious about saving the newspaper industry, perhaps Google can come up with a :CueCat-like device (I even thought of a name for this: CURL) that can recognise URLs published in news articles and wirelessly direct a user’s computer to the relevant webpages without requiring the user to manually type out the… Read More »

Me, myself and my gadgets

The rise in gadget popularity has prompted the invention of words such as technosexual and Crackberry. This article from The Sydney Morning Herald discusses what gadgets really say about the people that own them. Wonder what it would have said about owners of Jesus phone or Superman phone. Technorati Tags: Sydney Morning Herald gadgets Crackberry… Read More »

The ultimate mobile phone?

Before you dismiss this hilarious Groen Brothers video as a silly joke, it’s worth noting that someone has already filed a patent for a mobile phone application (“wireless communication device with integrated defibrillator“) that could enable a mobile phone to deliver an electrical charge to someone’s heart in an emergency situation. However, the safety of… Read More »

BlackBerry or spouse?

Apparently CrackBerry addicts have a difficult choice to make in life. According to a post on Gulliver, Economist’s business-travel blog, 35% of BlackBerry users who responded to a survey conducted for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts “would pick their BlackBerry over their significant other if they absolutely had to choose one to live without”. More worryingly:… Read More »