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It’s the season to be angry

First, we have Angry Birds. Now it appears that there are a bunch of copycats (whether in actual gameplay or just in name). These are the ones I’ve come across so far: Angry CatAngry DogAngry FruitsAngry Honey (good permise, but could have been executed better)Angry MommyAngry PandaAngry Sperms (simple gameplay, but try explaining to kids… Read More »

Appsolutely useless?

How many iPhone apps have you downloaded but never used on a regular basis? Here’s my list in no particular order: Super Camera (crash prone) *deleted* Target Takedown *deleted* SiteAnalyser (use once and you will pretty much dump it)*deleted* Type n Talk ContactsTapLite (this cannot be branded as a Lite version; it expires and becomes… Read More »


I’ve crossed the 50,000 distance threshold for Catapult Madness. Technorati Tags: Catapult Madness iPhone games Help spread the word!

KFC vs McDonald’s

A creative twist to “WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008”, a pro wrestling game developed by YUKE’s Future Media Creator. Technorati Tags: KFC McDonald’s WWE SmackDown Raw pro wrestling YUKE’s Future Media Creator video game Help spread the word!

Touch me, baby!

This is probably every geek’s dream “gadget”. The Geekini, as it is called, is the brainchild of French designer John Nouanesing. The classic two-piece bikini features strategically placed A, B and directional buttons from the original Nintendo controller. The design is guaranteed to excite geeky male gamers. Not so sure about the advantage for female… Read More »