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I have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice

这篇文章应该是照着英文原稿直译的,第一段读起来有点不顺。因此,从事翻译工作的(无论是中译英或英译忠),不能只是根据字面的意思去做翻译,更要考虑整体句子的结构和读起来是否通顺。我猜测英文原稿可能是这样的句子: “For many year, Americans have been advised to reduce their salt consumption, but many do not take this seriously.” 如果要翻译,我觉得应该这样处理: “多年来,很多美国人对于减少摄入钠的建议根本不以为然。” Technorati Tags: 翻译 直译 句子结构 通顺 Help spread the word!


一則徵文,徵求史上最短但最精彩的武俠小說。該則徵文要求:1、要同時涉及三大門派。2、要包含江湖門派間多年恩怨情仇,又要打破世俗倫理。3、同時情節還要扣人心弦,大有血雨腥風呼之慾來之勢。令人極為期待該小說之續集,同時留下N多懸念。4、越短越好。 第二天,有人來投稿,全文只有十個字: “禿驢,竟敢跟貧道搶師太!” Technorati Tags: 徵文 武俠小說 投稿 三大門派 Help spread the word!


老师:我们学校由下学期起,转用全英文授课。甲同学:哗!我们会听不懂的。老师:不要担心听不懂,学语言就是要多听。你们每天听我说英语,时间久了自然就会明白。乙同学:可是我每天听家中小狗叫,也不知道它在说什么呢。 Related post:Learn English in five minutes Technorati Tags: 英文 授课 听不懂 笑话 Help spread the word!


An American tourist in a Madrid restaurant wanted to order steak and mushrooms. He spoke no Spanish; the waiter knew no English. The diner drew a picture of a mushroom and a cow. The waiter brought him an umbrella and a ticket to the bullfight. Related post:Learn English in five minutes Technorati Tags: American tourist… Read More »

Too hot for words

Hands up if you think beauty and brains are intellectual opposites. Marina Orlova, the moderately attractive host of HotforWords.com, is out to prove this “theory” wrong. Using her physical assets to her advantage (her cleavage is often clearly displayed, in scanty or low-cut clothing), Marina’s intellectual charms are also revealed on the site, which focuses… Read More »

Illegal behaviours

This is a bilingual notice posted on the wall in the elevator of my apartment building. As you can expect, the translation is atrocious. But surprise, surprise! The original Chinese version includes the following flawed sentence: “如发现电梯违法行为,请拨打12365投诉” 试问电梯会有怎样的违法行为?不听使唤吗?还是象恐怖片那样把乘客吃掉? 这句话应该改写成: “如发现电梯内有违法行为,请拨打12365投诉” Technorati Tags: elevator notice Chinese translation language Help spread the word!