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Buy property? Think again!

Ringo Lam, founder of Wisers Information Ltd, puts it succinctly: 一直租樓的林永君,認為不用供樓,壓力已經小得多。他說﹕「很多朋友工作幾年,儲錢買樓結婚,不久生仔。最初供樓跟着生仔,再供退休計劃,一世人供供吓就供到退休。」對此他一點不認同。 林永君解釋﹕「很簡單,一買樓已壓住筆首期,例如值300萬的樓,一開始付100萬,再加上每個月供的錢,比租金多出5至6千元。現時任何一個基金都可以提供每年5至7%的回報,以20年計,原本的100萬,與每個月多付的數千元,若用來供一個基金,每條數20年後都各自可以有100萬的利息回報。」他指若物業20年後升少過200至300萬,已是一盤虧本的數。 And that’s why I’ve resisted the pressure to own a property, especially now that I’m in Hong Kong. Technorati Tags: 林永君 供樓 Ringo Lam Help spread the word!

Exercise? Forget it!

It is well documented that for every mile that you jog, you add one minute to your life. This enables you, at age 85, to spend an additional five months in a nursing home at $5,000 per month. A man spent $400 to join a health club last year, but hasn’t lost a pound. Apparently,… Read More »

Smartphone smartass

Before you indulge in knowledge one-upmanship on your iPhone or any other electronic gagdets, just remember that not everything on the Internet can be trusted and your mileage of truth will definitely vary. Technorati Tags: MSNBC iPhone apps knowledge turn-off Help spread the word!