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Presumed guilty

The UK government has proposed a £20 levy on every household using broadband to help offset the costs of piracy, according to an article at TimesOnline. What amazes me is that the authorities do not seem to realise that such a levy is counterproductive. If someone has been a pirate, quitting now will not make… Read More »

Korean melodrama

Another tearjerker music video from South Korea. Related posts:You die, I dieSpeaking of love, would you do this for your loved one? Technorati Tags: Kim Ji Eun Yesterday’s Different From Today music video tearjerker South Korea Help spread the word!

The $222,000 playlist

A 12-person jury in Duluth, Minnesota has found a Minneapolis woman named Jammie Thomas liable for piracy and ordered her to pay US$222,000 to six music companies for illegally downloading and sharing copyrighted music over a peer-to-peer network. The six music companies – Capitol Records, Sony BMG, Arista Records LLC, Interscope Records, UMG Recordings Inc.,… Read More »


Based on a “true story”, Evelyn is as heartwarming as a movie can get. The storyline is not particularly dense, but it is aimed at people with a mind and humanity, rather than MTV droids who can’t tell arse from elbow. A fascinating element is the huge impact the events in the movie had on… Read More »

Changes to navigation

I’ve made some changes to the sidebar on this blog. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to access the materials here and improve your overall navigational experience. For a start, you can browse articles by categories (manually configured as I’m not using the Blogger widget). You may also wish to check out some… Read More »

Downloadable music

Some of you may have noticed that the music playing on this blog changes from time to time. This usually coincides with what I’m listening to on my iPod nano. For a limited period only, I’m making the music available for download. Simply click on the title of the song at the right sidebar under… Read More »