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A friend shared my sentiments about shooting at ISO 100 (“Old habits die hard“) and mentioned that “when I go to [ISO] 400 I feel like I’m cheating”. Well, I’m not sure about that being considered cheating. There are certainly more ways to cheat in post processing than the simple act of pushing up the… Read More »

Lazy & ineffective ad design

This half-page ad by Lane Crawford suffers from poor execution with amateurish use of font and font effects (oh wait, maybe they did it deliberately), and no USP mentioned. A waste of ad budget, made worse by the fact that it has been published a couple of times. Help spread the word!

Do the ends always justify the means?

A blogger, Fearfully Opinionated, tried to offer new insights into the ministerial salary issue, claiming that related blog posts so far were “unoriginal, recycled and boring”. He goes on to say that “perhaps in being so eager to voice discontent, we fail to think. And when there is mass-unthinking on the plogosphere [sic], this is… Read More »