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A friend shared my sentiments about shooting at ISO 100 (“Old habits die hard“) and mentioned that “when I go to [ISO] 400 I feel like I’m cheating”. Well, I’m not sure about that being considered cheating. There are certainly more ways to cheat in post processing than the simple act of pushing up the… Read More »

Old habits die hard

The thing about migrating from a film SLR to a DSLR is that there is a tendency to shoot at a lower ISO than what the camera sensor is fully capable of resolving these days.I only realised this when a friend casually mentioned that most of my shots were made at ISO 100 or ISO… Read More »

Hong Kong street view

Evening street view along Hennessey Road at the junction of Canal Road West in Wanchai. The colourful neon signs are something that you don’t get to see in Singapore. Same goes for the electric cables dangling overhead for the trams. Photos taken last year in early December, several days before I left Hong Kong. Help… Read More »


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