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Upgrading? No way.

Hotmail Plus looks like Hotmail Minus when you can’t even get a link to work properly. I clicked the link here: And got here:Technorati Tags: Hotmail Plus dead link fail screenshots Help spread the word!


I had the blues because I had no shoesUntil upon the street, I met a child who had no feet Related stuff:Unhappy feetLife is short. Pray hard.Quit whining, HENRYs Technorati Tags: life no legs adversity optimism Help spread the word!


I’ve crossed the 50,000 distance threshold for Catapult Madness. Technorati Tags: Catapult Madness iPhone games Help spread the word!

How women have fun

Related stuff:How women play pokerWomen’s words of wisdomIf women ruled the world (part 1)If women ruled the world (part 2)How men and women shower differentlyTechnorati Tags: women fun images crazy things Help spread the word!