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The sound of images

If only Steven Spielberg had the Photosounder software back in 1977, his immensely boring movie could have a more interesting title: “Close Encounters of the JPG Kind”. Technorati Tags: Photosounder Steven Spielberg 1977 Close Encounters software video sound images Help spread the word!

What a rip off!

The Japanese have done it again! An iPhone app from Mosatsu that is a must-have for guys. Related posts:Don’t leave home without itJapanese innovationUp, up and awayHuman Tetris itUniversal Serial Butt? Technorati Tags: 妄撮 RIP! MOSATSU iPhone application Japanese Help spread the word!

The new Guitar Hero

In this guitar solo, Ruby developer Scott Ward belts out his frustration of getting things to work in Internet Explorer. Switch to Firefox, he advises. Technorati Tags: Scott Ward With.Us Internet Explorer IE Firefox open source software developer Ruby guitar video Help spread the word!

Both sides of the coin

For those who are sick of claims and counter-claims, Intel researchers at Berkeley, California have developed a Firefox extension called “Dispute Finder“, which, if everything goes according to claims, can determine if a claim is bullshit or not. With Dispute Finder, you’ll have a way to tell people that they are, in fact, very, very… Read More »

Microsoft: No more Money

Hey, that would make a pretty attention-grabbing headline, right? But the truth is, Microsoft is just pulling the plug on Money. The software package will not be available any longer after 30 June. All purchases must be activated before 31 January 2011, by which time Microsoft will withdraw software support for online banking and bill… Read More »

Smartphone smartass

Before you indulge in knowledge one-upmanship on your iPhone or any other electronic gagdets, just remember that not everything on the Internet can be trusted and your mileage of truth will definitely vary. Technorati Tags: MSNBC iPhone apps knowledge turn-off Help spread the word!