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A painful waste of paint

The new Sony Bravia TV ad showcases a massive explosion of paint that took 10 days and 250 people to film. The amount of paint and other materials required to accomplish this include: 70,000 litres of paint358 single bottle bombs33 sextuple air cluster bombs22 triple hung cluster bombs268 mortars33 triple mortars22 double mortars358 metres of… Read More »

Who says I can’t?

Some of you have probably seen this TV commercial on AXN. Aviva may think that the message is reassuring, but you know what? My first impression was: What a loser this guy has been! Technorati Tags: TV commercial Ad campaign Aviva insurance Help spread the word!

Should Bush fire Donald Rumsfeld?

Last weekend, I watched a Frontline/Washington Post special entitled “Rumsfeld’s War” on cable TV (can’t remember which channel) that suggested the Iraq “war” (perhaps invasion would be a better word) was very much one man’s fanatical drive to bitch-slap the uniformed military command at the Pentagon into submission and turn the U.S. military into a… Read More »

The Da Vinci choked

So, the Manila city council has passed a resolution banning “The Da Vinci Code” in all cinemas in the city because the movie “is undoubtedly offensive and contrary to established religious beliefs which cannot take precedence over the right of the persons involved in the film to freedom of expression.” In a phone interview with… Read More »

The advert enforcer

Amazingly, some companies just don’t seem to get it. Many maintain that “customers come first”, but their actions indicated otherwise. Dutch electronics giant Philips is one of them. According to The Register, Philips is attempting to patent a technique that would prevent viewers from skipping through ads embedded within recorded programmes or even channel surfing… Read More »