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Does it have to be Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton may be getting all the credit for the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two female American journalist detained by North Korea, but there may be a reason why it has taken so long for the hostage situation to be resolved: Years ago, police documented something called the Stockholm syndrome. Robbers had… Read More »

Sympathy? What sympathy?

Wall Street apologist Geoff Colvin has done it again. In his recent Value Driven article (“Sympathy for the Devils“, FORTUNE, May 25), Colvin argued that Wall Street shouldn’t be punished [for the excesses] because “restoring profitability to the banks will require paying bonuses”. He further tried to lay blame for the public outrage on a… Read More »

Justice delayed is justice denied

Here comes Dickhead Cheney again, trying to save his “legacy” (or rather his sorry ass from being tried for crimes against humanity). It’s disheartening to see The Economist pander so shamelessly to the neo-cons: “THE contrast was stark: on the one hand Barack Obama, young, idealistic, wet-behind the ears, and on the other Dick Cheney,… Read More »

Anal, retention!

In his recent Value Driven column (“Chris Dodd Wants to scrap Your Bonus“, FORTUNE magazine, March 16), Geoff Colvin argued that the proposed tough new limits on Wall Street bonuses in the US stimulus package will “inadvertently reward nonperformance and drive talented financiers away from the companies that need them most”. Ignoring the simplistic examples… Read More »

Top 10 buzzwords in 2009

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks (not necessarily a bad thing, given the circumstances), you would have come across the following buzzwords (in no particular order) that will dominate news headlines in the months to come: 1. economic tsunami2. layoff3. AIG = arrogance, incompetence and greed4. stimulus… Read More »