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Biased writing

Here’s how a change of word can alter the nuance of a sentence. In an Economist Intelligent Unit briefing titled “Cracking down on dissent“, there is this sentence: With the Chinese economy facing the worst slowdown in two decades, paranoia about massive social unrest is mushrooming among Chinese leaders. The above sentence is obviously written… Read More »

The cult of Oprah

It’s amazing how people will bend over backwards to kiss Oprah Winfrey’s behind and hang on her every word. Love for Oprah smacks of deification, except in this case, her worshippers got duped (again) along with their idol when Herman Rosenblat, author of Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love that Survived,… Read More »

Thanks? No, thanks!

From The Economist:Both the chairman and chief executive of Alcatel-Lucent resigned as it reported its sixth consecutive quarterly net loss. The merger in 2006 of France’s Alcatel and America’s Lucent formed one of the world’s biggest suppliers of telecoms infrastructure. Since then its market value has fallen by half, thanks to difficulties with integrating the… Read More »

Awkward sentence construction

A story on Hulu in FORTUNE magazine (“A New Way to Watch TV“, March 17) showed how an awkward sentence construction makes difficult reading. Quote:The drama surrounding Hulu’s launch heated up last August when NBC abruptly pulled its content off the Apple iTunes store – where NBC shows like The Office and 30 Rock had… Read More »

I have a confession to make…

Especially for Valentine’s Day, I have uploaded the second part of my not-so-romantic fiction story. Related posts:10 signs that it’s love10 signs it’s lust10 signs he loves you more10 signs you love him more Technorati Tags: fiction last confession Valentine’s Day serial killer Help spread the word!